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What can a Garden Coach do for you

What can a Garden Coach do for you

What can a Garden Coach do for you:

I offer on site hands on training in plant care and design

Together we work side by side to create
an artistic touch to your garden

We will create a garden that fits your lifestyle

We can create beautiful continuous blooming low maintenance gardens

I will give you advice and offer solutions to problem areas

I will help you to become a better gardener

Together we can create Specialty Gardens

Butterfly Gardens
Hummingbird Gardens
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Garden Secrets

Garden Secrets - Garden Makeovers
Owner DJ Jacobson - Artistic Landscaping Designer
Garden Designer & Consultant, Garden Coaching

Specialty Landscape Designer
Licensed - Insured
Location: Port Orchard Washington

Business phone number- 253-514-8122
Cell Phone- 360-649-9835

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